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Use : Windings for low-, medium-, and high-voltage transformers
Type : Each strand is transposed sequentially without twisting followed by covering with a layer of insulating paper.
Features : -Reduced working hours during transformer windings by using transposed wire
Reduced loss of transformer owing to reduced eddy current loss by multiple transposing of conductors
Enhanced winding space factor owing to reduced entire cross-sectional area of ​​the winding (improved cooling efficiency & reduced size)
Increased mechanical strength of the winding through primary enamel coating and secondary self-bond coating of the conductor
Spec: Number of strands: 5~87
conductor thickness : 1.1mm ∼ 3.2mm
Conductor width   : 3.2mm ∼ 12.5mm (ratio of thickness over width=2~6.6)
Remark : CTC is applied to medium to low-voltage as well as EHV transformers; and supplied to domestic as well as GLOBAL transformer manufacturers.


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