Enamelled copper wire

Enamelled copper wire

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Use : Used as winding coil of communication equipment, electronic devices, generators, household motors, DC motors, and dry type transformers
Applications : Used as winding coil of small communication equipment, electronic devices, small generators, household motors, DC motors, dry type transformers and automobile generators
Type : Copper products insulation coated with enamel varnish
Features : Excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, and solvent resistance
Remark : enamel coated

· PVF(Polyvinyl formal : A155℃, E120℃)
· UEW(Polyurethane E120°C F150°C)
· PEW(Polyester : F155℃, H180℃)
· EIW(Polyester-Imide : H180℃)
· SB-EIAIW(Self lubricant Polyamideimide :N200℃)
· PE-AIW(Polyester overcoated with Polyamide-Imide : H180℃, N200℃)
· EI-AIW(Polyester-Imide overcoated with Polyamide-Imide);
· AIW(Polyamide-Imide)

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