Rectangular wire

Rectangular wire

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Paper insulated rectangular wire(RRCTANGULAR WIRE)
Our paper insulated rectangular wire is used as winding coil in electric devices including EHV large transformers as well as medium to small transformers, generators, motors and welders; and supplied after taping various insulating papers suitable for heat & oil resistance depending on the conditions of the use. Insulating can be offered in various ways such as overlap butt-lap interlock taping as request by customers.


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Use : winding coil of electric devices
Applications : small transformers, welders, etc
Type Paper insulated rectangular wire
Features : Excellent contact between insulator and conductor; wide range of choices owing to diverse insulation material
Spec(producible dimensions) : Number of strands from single to multiple(8)
conductor thickness : 1.0 ∼ 9.0mm
conductor width : 3 ∼ 20mm
Insulation spec : -Diverse selections including KRAFT, THERMAL UPGRADE KRAFT, NOMEX, DENNISON, KAPTON, MICA, CONDUCTOFOL
Insulation TAPING(OVER WRAPPING 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, etc) meeting customer requirements and product designs
Remark : Facilitated production of various products for diverse applications and wide range design capacity of the electrical equipment
Applications : Rotating machines, generators, ultra-high & medium-low voltage transformer, welder, electric devices, etc.
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