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Use : CTC Manufacturing Equipment
Type : shaftless drive system
Features : It enhances operation efficiency of equipment and reduces setting time by fitting a SERVO MOTOR to each CAGE; improves problems of imported equipment dramatically; and greatly increases the ease of operation and improves productivity.
Spec (producible dimensions) : Number of strands: 5~87
                                      Conductor thickness : 1.1 ∼ 3.2mm
                                      Conductor width : 3.2 ∼ 12.5mm
Info : Reduced working hours during transformer windings by using transposed wire
          Reduced loss owing to reduced eddy current by multiple transposing of conductors
          Contribution to cost competitiveness in the production of EHV transformers (154KV, 345KV, 765KV) by minimizing the size owing to reduced winding volume
Remark : World's first success of development and application of shaftless drive system
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